Sunday, November 17, 2013

Story of the Week: When He Grows Up

Story of the Week: When He Grows Up

A husband and wife came to the Rabbi at 2am in the morning, the night before the Bris of their newborn son because they  couldn't agree on the name.

To be sure, each wanted the name Moshe, but she wanted it to be after her father whose name was Moshe, and he wanted the name after his father whose name was also Moshe.

You see, his father was a well-known creep — a gambler, an alcoholic, a thief, a schemer, a famous “ganav.” Her father, on the other hand, was a gentle, noble and pious spirit, known for his decency, integrity, kindness and generosity. Hence the mother of the newborn argued that there was no way she would allow her son to be named after her father-in-law… Yet, her husband argued, it is after all his father, and he wishes his son to carry his deceased father’s name.

What do you do?

The Rabbi thought for a long time and then he gave the verdict: The name which should be given to the child is Moshe.

“After whom?” both parents yelled.

“Well,” the Rabbi said calmly, “for that we will have to wait till the boy grows up. If he is a selfish creep, then we know that he carries the name of his paternal grandfather; if he turns out a mentch, then we know that the name is after his maternal grandfather…”

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