Sunday, November 10, 2013

Story of the Week: The Fisherman

Story of the Week: The Fisherman

They tell a story of a man who docked his fishing boat at eight in the morning with the hold half empty.

“Why did you come in so early?” asked a bystander.

“Because I have caught enough to sustain me for the day”, replied the fisherman.

Bystander: How will you spend the rest of the day?

Fisherman: I will smoke my pipe, relax with my family and enjoy some quiet time.

Bystander: Why don’t you stay out a little longer and make a little more money”?

Fisherman: What would I do with more money?

Bystander: You could buy another boat, hire someone to run it and make even more money.

Fisherman: And what would I do with that money?

Bystander: I suppose you could buy more boats and have a fleet; this way you could make real money.

Fisherman: And what would I do with real money?

Bystander: Well you could diversify into other lucrative opportunities and really
strike it rich.

Fisherman: And what would I do if I were rich?

Bystander: I suppose if you really wanted to you could retire early.

Fisherman: And what would I do with an early retirement?

Bystander: Well, replied the stranger, somewhat flummoxed, you would do whatever you wanted to do. You could do a little fishing, you could smoke a cigar, enjoy your family and maybe have some quiet time…

That, the fisherman replied pointedly, is what I do already...


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