Monday, May 6, 2013

Sefiras Haomer- Day 37

Day 37

Gevurah Shebeyesod – Discipline in bonding

Joke: A boy comes home from school and tells his mother he got a part in the school play.
"That's wonderful!" says the mother, "Which part?"
"The part of a Jewish husband," says the boy, proudly.
Frowning, the mother says, "Go back and tell them you want a speaking role!"

Bonding requires at times the discipline and restraint coming from mutual respect and recognition of boundaries.
Are you too verbal in your bonding? Are you overbearing? Do you know to back off and respect the space of the other?
As a teacher, do you know when to be silent and allow your student to think on his/her own? As a parent, do you know how to stop kissing and “choking” your child with your affection and bonding? As a friend, do you know how to say “goodbye” and give the person space?

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