Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sefiras Haomer- Day 32

Day 32

Netach Shebehod—Victory in consistency

Joke: A Texan is in Israel and is telling a dairy farmer how large his ranch in Texas is. He tells the farmer his ranch is so large that if he gets into his pick-up truck and drives all day, he would not reach the other border of his ranch.
The Israeli responds," I used to have a truck like that.”

There will always be forces outside of you that will easily derail you from your goals. To consistently follow through, you must access your capacity for forging ahead despite mockery, cynicism, disheartening comments, pressures, antagonism, or any other obstacle from without.

If you know that you are on a good path and you are doing G-d’s work, march forward and do not blink. Be kind and empathetic to the positions and perspectives of others, but do not cave in just because it may be uncomfortable or scary.

- Rabbi YY Jacobson

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