Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sefiras Haomer- Day 27

Day 27

Yesod shebenetzach – Bonding in victory

Joke: A man was laying a new concrete path. No sooner was his back turned than a crowd of children came running by, leaving unsightly footmarks all over the hardening surface. The man started to swear. A neighbour who heard him said to him, ‘I’m surprised, Sam. You told me you liked kids.’ ‘I like them – in the abstract, but not in the concrete.’

It is not enough to fight for a loved one; you must also bond with them.
Some parents will fight for their children but not bond with them. Some teachers will fight for their students, but not bond with them. Some husbands will fight for their wives, but not bond with them.
To take a stand against injustice and to protect the innocent is vital. But not enough. We must also bond with those we are fighting for. We must show them our concern and make them feel special and protected.

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