Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sefiras Haomer- Day 24

Sefiras Haomer- Day 24

Tiferes Shebentetzach -- Empathy in victory 

Joke: Yeshiva University in Golders Green decided to put together a rowing team. 
Unfortunately, they lost race after race. They practiced for hours every day, but never managed to come in any better than dead last. The Head of the Yeshiva finally decided he couldn't stand any more embarrassment so he sent Yankel to spy on the Oxford University team.
So Yankel shlepped off to Oxford and hid in the bulrushes off the river from where he carefully watched the Oxford team as they practiced.
Yankel finally returned to the Yeshiva.
"I have figured out their secret," he announced.
"They have eight guys rowing and only one guy shouting."

The Sefira's Life Message:

Even as you score a victory, be empathetic. Do not allow it to get personal, egocentric and subjective. Even when you must make a drastic move, have empathy for the people being affected. Be driven by the cause of doing good and being good. Let your triumphs profess the beauty of dignity and empathy.

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