Thursday, April 11, 2013

Off the Derech

If parents and teachers saw the "Right Way" as whatever works best for each individual child, no child would ever be 'OFF THE DERECH.' ("derech" means path, it is the term used for the "path of Judaism.") It’s when they are forced to walk a path that is not THEIR own that they veer off. Anyone who "goes off the derech" is simply leaving a premade path that was carved out for them, in order to find their own.

They are not going off the derech; they are trying to get on the derech—to find their true derech, not a derech that someone else carved out for them based on that person’s expectations, not based on the soul of the child.

Which is why King Solomon said, "Chanoch Lenaar Al Pi Darko," educate the youngster according to HIS (or her) way. 

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